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Featuring Animositi

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Inside You. (partial track)

Watching Scotty Die


Duct Tape Man

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   GhettoVampire ?

Imagine a haunted jack-in-the-box filled with skeletal remains and pounding beats - combining the raw energy of electronic rock and alternative hip hop with the lyrical prowess of a serial killer in overdrive. GhettoVampire’s experimental approach in blending multiple musical genres creates a distinctive sound answer to the dark web - urban industrial.


“Grinding, sonically and lyrically, and even vocally. This is a sort of sound answer to the dark web. Shall we call it “urban industrial”?”

- Daniel Flores (Editor-in-chief for Rolling Stone Argentina)

Lost Angels, CA (2024) - GhettoVampire (featuring Animositi) is a genre-defying group set to challenge current retro electro-rock and “evil disco” noise with a modern-day twist that utilizes trending underground edm, hip-hop, trap, metal and electronicore sounds.

Following a few epigrammatic and anomalous rock-influenced dance singles, Animositi unleashed a series of bizarre interweb videos for various other tracks tangentially. Although a unique talent, Animositi never labeled himself a true “musician”. After randomly meeting a group of other similarly-minded individuals in a dark alley, Animositi managed to unite them together to create GhettoVampire - artistic, yet parasitic, nothings that do little more than disturb and entertain each other in their own head..

Hellbent on hiding their unsavory identities, GhettoVampire seeks to release their first epic album - Out of My Darkness and Under Your Covers - later this year.


Beginning in May, 2024, with the FNAF-inspired (Five Night’s at Freddy’s) track, EVERYTHING., GhettoVampire will begin dropping new songs randomly, accompanied by AI-augmented and embraced  music videos, as well as random content, swag and merch - all of which will be available on their social networks, YouTube channel and website: 

“It’s industrious with a pertinacious sound and style and a sui generis quality.”

- Chris Redjam (AW Radio)

GhettoVampire's sonic landscape blends elements of Electronic Rock, Hip-Hop, Underground Sample Culture, Dark Comedy, Horror and more to create a post-genre sound that is both electrifying and enigmatic. With challenging, concept-driven lyrics and extreme and disturbing visuals, combined with an overdrive vocal that's hard to forget, GhettoVampire is the monster in your closet that's here to stay. 











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Black Washed Wall
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PostGenre. The brilliance looks like nothing more than just simple rote copying.

Thank you for listening...

"animositi wow! push n pull is great. really love the band name as well." - United States

"this is cool as fuck. i really like the bells and whatever youre using to create that beat creates a very interesting aura. im immediately hypnotized by the rhythm in a way that this sounds like a soundscape from an lsd trip ive had in the past. it quickly takes a dark turn to more of a bad trip as soon as the menacing vocals come in but im sure thats what you were going for. the fuzzy industrial sound of the electric guitar is fantastic too. its almost like ministry or nine inch nails with death metal vocals. either way this is really unique and out of the box and i applaud you for being original and putting a lot of personality into this piece. cool ass music video too. rock on \m/" - United States

"beautiful video very realistic and Horror" - Italy

"niiiice man" - United States

"Super sick song! Love the energy and vibes here a lot..."- United States

"This is a great industrial piece. Well balanced mix, pro production, bangin' song structure and arrangements. Very effective vocal performance - it's original and brings something new to the genre. The closest thing I can think of is Otto Von Schirach. I'd love to see how this translates to a live performance. The video is great too, no complaints there." - Germany

"damn this is creepy as hell. nice work. straight up" - United States

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